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Table 1 Details of miniscrew implant system tested in this study

From: Effect of pH on in vitro biocompatibility of orthodontic miniscrew implants

Miniscrew Company Alloy Order no.
Orthodontic mini-implants® (OMI) Leone S.p.a., Firenze, Italy Surgical stainless steel AISI 316 000-2012-02
Spider screw anchorage system® (SSAS) HDC S.r.l., Sarcedo, Italy Grade IV titanium SSM-2009
Miniscrew anchorage system® (MAS) Micerium S.p.a., Avegno, Italy Grade V titanium AM1311
Ortho screw® (OS) Novaxa S.r.l., Cinisello Balsamo, Italy Grade V titanium IO1607