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Table 2 Linear and angular measurements and the measurement ratios of subject Miss TF

From: Three-dimensional methodology for photogrammetric acquisition of the soft tissues of the face: a new clinical-instrumental protocol

Landmarks involved Name Type and units Value
N-Pg Facial line Distance (mm) 99.7
N-P Nasion-midpoint of facial line Distance (mm) 49.9
P-Pg Midpoint of facial line-nasion Distance (mm) 49.9
P-M(T_r-T_l) Midpoint of facial line-midpoint of tragi Distance (mm) 84.8
N-Ls Nasion-Ls upper lip Distance (mm) 61.0
Ls-Prn Ls upper lip-pronasal Distance (mm) 25.0
N-M(T_r-T_l) Nasion-midpoint of tragi Distance (mm) 88.5
Prn-M(T_r-T_l) Pronasal-midpoint of tragi Distance (mm) 103.8
Ls-M(T_r-T_l) Upper lip-midpoint of tragi Distance (mm) 94.4
Pg-M(T_r-T_l) Pogonion-midpoint of tragi Distance (mm) 107.3
Tr-Sn Trichion-subnasal Distance (mm) 107.4
Tr-N 1° Third facial height Distance (mm) 56.8
N-Sn Anterior upper facial 2° third height Distance (mm) 50.9
Sn-Me Anterior upper facial 3° third height Distance (mm) 60.5
Ex_r-En_r Eye r Distance (mm) 28.6
Ex_l-En_l Eye l Distance (mm) 28.7
En_r-En_l Eye distance Distance (mm) 28.2
Ey_r-Ey_l Eye pupillar distance Distance (mm) 57.4
Ch_r-Ch_l Oral length Distance (mm) 45.5
Ac_r-Ac_l Nasal width Distance (mm) 30.2
1.5*(Ac_r-Ac_l) 1.5 × Nasal width Distance (mm) 45.2
Ex_r-N Exocantion r-nasion Distance (mm) 47.4
N-Ex_l Nasion-exocantion l Distance (mm) 47.2
Ex_r-Ex_l Upper facial width Distance (mm) 83.5
Go_l-Go_r Lower facial width Distance (mm) 73.7
Pg-M(Go_l-Go_r) Mandibular corpus length Distance (mm) 35.6
N-Prn Nasion-pronasal Distance (mm) 44.7
Prn-Pg Pronasal-pogonion Distance (mm) 63.6
N-Sn Anterior upper facial Distance (mm) 50.9
Sn-Pg Anterior lower facial height Distance (mm) 49.9
T_r-T_l Middle facial width Distance (mm) 131.4
Sn-(T_r-T_l) Middle facial depth Distance (mm) 91.9
Ch_l-Ch_r Mouth width Distance (mm) 45.5
Ls-(Prn-Pg) Upper lip to E-line distance Distance (mm) 6.1
Li-(Prn-Pg) Lower lip to E-line distance Distance (mm) 3.0
Sl-N Sublabial-nasion Distance (mm) 86.0
Prn-Sn Pronasal-subnasal Distance (mm) 17.3
Sn-Ls Subnasal-upper lip Distance (mm) 10.2
Ls-Pg Upper lip-pogonion Distance (mm) 39.7
T_r-Prn Tragion r-pronasal Distance (mm) 120.5
T_l-Prn Tragion l-pronasal Distance (mm) 125.1
T_r-Pg Tragion r-pogonion Distance (mm) 127.1
T_l-Pg Tragion l-pogonion Distance (mm) 124.6
T_r-N Tragion r-nasion Distance (mm) 106.3
T_l-N Tragion l-nasion Distance (mm) 113.9
Go_l-Pg Gonion l-pogonion Distance (mm) 51.0
Pg-Go_r Pogonion-gonion r Distance (mm) 51.5
T_r-Go_r Tragion r-gonion r Distance (mm) 89.4
T_l-Go_l Tragion l-gonion l Distance (mm) 84.0
T_l-Sn Trago_left-subnasal Distance (mm) 114.9
Sn-T_r Subnasale-trago_right Distance (mm) 107.4
Ls-Li Vermillion height Distance (mm) 20.1
Sl-Pg Sublabial-pogonion Distance (mm) 14.1