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Table 2 Cephalometric and model measurements and demographic variables

From: Extraction decision and identification of treatment predictors in Class I malocclusions

  Variables Characteristics
Cephalometric measurements
1 SNA Maxillary position
2 SNB Mandibular position
3 ANB Maxillo-mandibular relationship
4 U1-SN Upper incisor inclination
5 U1-NA Upper incisor inclination
6 NSGn Mandibular size/position
7 FMIA Lower incisor inclination in relation to FH
8 IMPA Lower incisor inclination in relation to MP
9 FMA Facial height/orientation of the mandible
10 L1-NB Lower incisor inclination in relation to NB
11 U1-L1 Upper-lower incisor relationship
12 SN-PP Palatal position/cant
13 SN-OP Occlusal plane cant/position
14 Z angle Profile convexity
15 PNS-A Maxillary size
16 U1-NA Upper incisor position and inclination
17 L1-NB Lower incisor position and inclination
18 L1-A Pg Lower incisor position
19 Pg-NB Bony chin size
20 WITS Maxillo-mandibular relationship
21 N-Me Total face height
22 N-ANS Upper face height
23 ANS-Me Lower face height
24 LL-E-plane Lower lip protrusion
25 S-Go Mandibular position
26 S-Ar Mandibular position
Model measurements
27 Overbite  
28 Overjet  
29 Upper crowding  
30 Lower crowding  
31 Upper midline deviation  
32 Lower midline deviation  
Demographic variables
33 Age  
34 Gender