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Table 1 Summary of the results of the comparison of 3D with 2D techniques

From: Assessment of inter- and intra-operator cephalometric tracings on cone beam CT radiographs: comparison of the precision of the cone beam CT versus the latero-lateral radiograph tracing

Patient Reference planes
GA    X   X X
BM   X X X   
CF   X X    
GS X   X    
VM   X X    X
NG X X X    
PA X X X   X  
RA   X X    
RM    X X X X
SA X X X X X  
GS   X X   X  
MV    X    X
SC   X X X X  
SM   X X X   
TE   X X    
RE X X X X X  
GC   X X    
RN   X X    
PA X X X    X
GA X   X X   
  1. Comparison of the reference planes which have been found to be statistically significant when comparing the 3D technique with 2D technique in 20 patients.