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Figure 2

From: A study of interleukin 1β levels in peri-miniscrew crevicular fluid (PMCF)

Figure 2

Trend of IL-1β levels in PMCF at different time intervals. 1-T1 (4 hours after Implant placement), 2-T2 (Baseline: 3 weeks, just prior to loading), 3-T3 (Just after loading: 0 day), 4-T4 (At 24 hours after loading: 1 day), 5-T5 (At 21 days), 6-T6 (At 72 days), 7-T7 (At 120 days), 8-T8 (At 180 days) and 9-T9 (At 300 days). The boxes represent the values from the 25th to the 75th percentile. The middle lines represent the medians. The vertical lines extend from the minimal to the maximal values, exluding the outliers marked with small dark circles.

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