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Table 4 Trend in the levels of IL-1β (pg/ml) in mucositis patients

From: A study of interleukin 1β levels in peri-miniscrew crevicular fluid (PMCF)

Case number Affected quadrant Unaffected quadrant Observation time
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9
2 I II, III, IV 104.7 171.1a 206.6a 269.1a 187.6 193 136.6 173.4 132.5
4 II I, III, IV 277.2 110.1 168 193.8 226.6a 233.2a 123 147.3 135.2
8 III I, II, IV 329.9 247.8a 247a 269.1a 242.2 183.7 107.6 113.1 148.6
9 III I, II, IV 322.7 244.8a 301a 338.6a 244.8a 244.8a 197.8a 167.5a 125.7
  1. One mucositis site was found in both quadrants I and II and two in quadrant III. Quadrant I, right maxilla; quadrant II, left maxilla; quadrant III, left mandible; quadrant IV, right mandible. aPresence of mucositis in the above mentioned quadrants.