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Table 5 Trend in the levels of IL-1β in pg/ml in a peri-implantitis patient

From: A study of interleukin 1β levels in peri-miniscrew crevicular fluid (PMCF)

Quadrant Observation time
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
I 167.41 93.71 139.17 284.42 172.05 102.05
II 192.67 103.24 130.17 292.98 191.23 162.88
III 274.84 361.63a Failure
IV 228.13 385.35a
  1. Quadrant I, right maxilla; quadrant II, left maxilla; quadrant III, left mandible; quadrant IV, right mandible. aPresence of peri-implantitis in the above mentioned quadrants.