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Figure 5

From: Role of mandibular displacement and airway size in improving breathing after rapid maxillary expansion

Figure 5

Cephalometric analysis to evaluate mandibular displacements. Co, condylion right and left; Go, gonion right and left; Pg, pogonion right and left. (a) Co x, y, z (mm), Co displacement on x (up-down displacements), y (right-left displacements), and z (anterior-posterior displacements) axis referred to the cranial reference system. (b) GoR-GoL, Go right and left width. (c) CoR-CoL, Co right and left width. (d) Go-Pg, Go-Pg width. (e) Co-Go, Co-Go width. (f) Co^Go^Pg, gonial angle. (g) GoR^Pg^GoL, Go right-Pg-Go left angle. (h) CoR^GoR^GoL, Co-Go, contralateral Go angle.

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