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Table 1 Manufacturers, commercial names, and codes of beta-titanium wires tested

From: Comparison of mechanical properties of beta-titanium wires between leveled and unleveled brackets: an in vitro study

Manufacturer Commercial name Code/material (N) Lot number
GAC, Islip, NY, USA Resolve TMA (10) F1013282
Morelli, Sorocaba, SP Brazil Beta III TiMo (10) 1519074
Ormco, Glendora, CA, USA TMA TMA (10) 8F106F
Orthometric, Marília, SP, Brazil Flexy Multi TMA-NiTi (10) 1109
Orthometric, Marília, SP, Brazil Beta Flexy TMA (10) 000149
Ortho Organizers, Carlsbad, CA, USA CNA Beta Beta CNA (10) F1018428
  1. All the groups were tested at a controlled temperature of 25°C, SD ±1.