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Figure 1

From: Morphological characteristics influencing the orthodontic extraction strategies for Angle's class II division 1 malocclusions

Figure 1

Cephalometric landmarks used in lateral tracings. S, sella turcica; N, nasion; Po, porion; Ba, basion; Ns, soft-tissue nasion; Pt, pterygomaxillare; Or, orbitale; A, subspinale; U1, tip of maxillary central incisor; P6U, distal point of upper first molar; L1, tip of mandibular central incisor; B, supramentale; Pm, protuberantia menti; Pog, pogonion; Me, menton; Gn, gnathion; Go, gonion; Xi, anatomical central point of mandible ramus; DC, center of condyle on N-Ba; Ls, labrale superius; Li, labrale inferius; Pog', soft-tissue pogonion.

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