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Table 3 Number of hits from the PubMed search

From: Radiologically determined orthodontically induced external apical root resorption in incisors after non-surgical orthodontic treatment of class II division 1 malocclusion: a systematic review

Search number Search Items found
1 Resorption.ab or or resorption.kf or or resorption.nm or resorption.ot or resorption.ti 37,091
2 Shortening.ab or or shortening.kf or or shortening.ot or shortening.ti 41,579
3 Exp Orthodontic brackets or orthodontic*.mp or exp Orthodontic appliances or exp orthodontic extrusion or exp orthodontics space closure or exp orthodontic appliance design or exp Orthodontic retainers or exp Orthodontic Appliance, functional or exp orthodontic anchorage procedures or exp ‘index of orthodontic treatment need’ or exp orthodontic wire or exp orthodontics appliances, removable 44,406
4 Malocclusion*.mp or exp Malocclusion or exp Malocclusion Angle Class II 30,472
5 No. 1 OR no. 2 78,546
6 No. 3 OR no. 4 58,589
7 No. 5 AND no. 6 1,529
  1. Duplicates - 109.
  2. Search number overall − duplicates = 1,722.