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Table 3 Items to include when reporting a randomized trial in a journal or conference abstract [[60]]

From: Developing evidence-based dentistry skills: how to interpret randomized clinical trials and systematic reviews

Item Description Reported on line number
Title Identification of the study as randomized  
Authorsa Contact details for the corresponding author  
Trial design Description of the trial design (e.g., parallel, cluster, non-inferiority)  
Participants Eligibility criteria for participants and the settings where the data were collected  
Interventions Interventions intended for each group  
Objective Specific objective or hypothesis  
Outcome Clearly defined primary outcome for this report  
Randomization How participants were allocated to interventions  
Blinding (masking) Whether or not participants, caregivers, and those assessing the outcomes were blinded to group assignment  
Numbers randomized Number of participants randomized to each group  
Recruitment Trial status  
Numbers analyzed Number of participants analyzed in each group  
Outcome For the primary outcome, a result for each group and the estimated effect size and its precision  
Harms Important adverse events or side effects  
Conclusions General interpretation of the results  
Trial registration Registration number and name of trial register  
Funding Source of funding  
  1. aThis item is specific to conference abstracts.