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Table 4 The PRISMA for Abstracts checklist [[68]]

From: Developing evidence-based dentistry skills: how to interpret randomized clinical trials and systematic reviews

Item Description
1. Title Identification of the study as a systematic review, meta-analysis, or both
2. Objectives The research question including components such as participants, interventions, comparators, and outcomes
3. Eligibility criteria Study and report characteristics used as criteria for inclusion
4. Information sources Key databases searched and search dates
5. Risk of bias Methods of assessing risk of bias
6. Included studies Number and type of included studies and participants and relevant characteristics of studies
7. Synthesis of results Results for main outcomes (benefits and harms), preferably indicating the number of studies and participants for each. If meta-analysis was done, include summary measures and confidence intervals.
8. Description of the effect Direction of the effect (i.e., which group is favored) and size of the effect in terms meaningful to clinicians and patients
9. Strengths and limitations of evidence Brief summary of strengths and limitations of evidence (e.g., inconsistency, imprecision, indirectness, or risk of bias, other supporting or conflicting evidence)
10. Interpretation General interpretation of the results and important implications
11. Funding Primary source of funding for the review
12. Registration Registration number and registry name