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Table 1 Comparison of mean deviation of mini-implants from ideal position between CBCT group and RVG group with level of significance

From: Evaluation of orthodontic mini-implant placement: a CBCT study

Variable CBCT group (n = 20) RVG group (n = 20) Significance (pvalue)
Mean DMH (in mm) 0.0985 0.565 0.02*
Mean DMEP (in mm) 0.391 0.651 0.143
Mean DMT (in mm) 0.586 1.038 0.204
Mean DMA (in degrees) 4.7 6.2 0.624
  1. *Significant difference in mean deviation of height of mini-implant (p < 0.05)
  2. DMH, deviation of height of mini-implant; DMEP, deviation of point of entry of mini-implant; DMT, deviation of tip of mini-implant; DMA, angular deviation of mini-implant from the ideal path.