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Table 4 Mean standard deviation and result for post hoc test (Tukey’s HSD) showing the difference between skeletal classes

From: Sagittal lip positions in different skeletal malocclusions: a cephalometric analysis

  Class I Class II Class III
UL to S2 line 11.81a(±3.00) 13.75a(±2.73) 10.42a(±1.95)
LL to S2 line 9.04a(±2.52) 8.70b(±2.99) 11.42ab(±2.30)
UL to B line 6.66a(±2.00) 7.48b(±2.07) 6.87c(±1.22)
LL to B line 5.74a(±2.31) 4.85b(±2.25) 7.77ab(±1.53)
UL to S1 line 4.32a(±2.03) 5.35a(±1.68) 4.55b(±1.20)
LL to S1 line 4.22a(±2.32) 3.47b(±2.29) 5.83ab(±1.29)
LL to H line 1.48a(±1.36) 0.49a(±2.37) 3.58a(±1.01)
UL to E line 1.11a(±2.19) 2.14b(±2.51) 0.82b(±1.40)
LL to E line 1.07a(±2.09) 0.75b(±2.70) 3.44ab(±1.41)
  1. Mean values with same letter (“a” or “b”) in superscript are statistically different (p < 0.05). Mean (±SD), n = 50.