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Table 1 Average surface roughness of the superelastic NiTi group and the heat-activated NiTi group before (“as received”) and after (“retrieved”) clinical exposure

From: An evaluation of two types of nickel-titanium wires in terms of micromorphology and nickel ions’ release following oral environment exposure

Average surface roughness, nm Superelastic NiTi group (n = 24) Heat-activated NiTi group (n = 24) P value between the two groups
Mean SD P value in the same group Mean SD P value in the same group
“as received” 55.73 14.04 <0.001 86.05 13.58 0.020 <0.001
“retrieved” 81.47 10.11 98.68 13.38 0.002
Difference between “as received” and “retrieved” +25.74 10.50   +12.63 8.80   <0.001
  1. SD standard deviation