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Table 1 Commercial names, code, cross section geometry, size, type, manufacturer, and alloy type of orthodontic wires tested in this study

From: Mechanical properties of orthodontic wires derived by instrumented indentation testing (IIT) according to ISO 14577

Product/Code Cross section/size Type Manufacturer Alloy
A.J. Wilcock Australian wire/AJW C, 0.018 in.a Sc G & H Wire Company, Franklin, IN 300 series
TruForce SS/TRF C, 0.018 in. Ad Ortho Technology, TruForce, Tampa, FL AISI 304
Penta-One wire/POW Multistrand, 0.0155 in. S Masel Ortho Organizers Inc., Carlsbad, CA AISI 304
SS arch wires/SAW R, 0.017 × 0.025 in.b S Highland Metals Inc., San Jose, CA AISI 304
Remanium/REM C, 0.0155 in. A Dentaurum, Ispringen, Germany AISI 304
Nominium/NOM C, 0.0155 in. A Dentaurum Ni-free SS
Superelastic regular force/RFR R, 0.018 × 0.025 in. A Highland Metals Inc. Ni-Ti
Superelastic regular force/RFC C, 0.018 in. A Highland Metals Inc. Ni-Ti
Beta blue arches/BBA R, 0.017 × 0.025 in. A Highland Metals Inc. TMA
Respond/RES Multistrand, 0.0195 in. S Ormco Corporation, Glendora, CA, USA TMA
  1. aCircular
  2. bRectangular
  3. cStraightened wire
  4. dArch wire