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Fig. 3

From: Factors influencing soft tissue profile changes following orthodontic treatment in patients with Class II Division 1 malocclusion

Fig. 3

Angular and linear measurements utilized for evaluation of skeletal, dental, and soft tissue morphology before treatment. 1 SNA angle, 2 SNB angle, 3 ANB angle, 4 SN-GoGn angle, 5 U1-NA (angle), 6 U1-NA (linear), 7 L1-NB (angle), 8 L1-NB (linear), 9 nasolabial angle: NLA (Cm-Sn-Ls angle), 10 labiomental angle: LMA (Li-Ils-Pg’ angle), 11 upper lip length (Sn-Ss), 12 lower lip length (Ils-Si), 13 upper lip thickness (the labial surface of U1 to Ls), and 14 lower lip thickness (the labial surface of L1 to Li)

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