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Table 2 The summative DISCERN score for each PIL

From: A quality assessment of orthodontic patient information leaflets

Patient information leaflet title Source Summative score
Adult orthodontics BOS 41
Caring for your child’s teeth BOS 50
Dummy and thumb sucking habits BOS 43
Your first visit to the orthodontist BOS 42
Fixed appliances BOS 39
Teeth and brace-friendly food and drink BOS 56
Functional appliances BOS 40
Headgear BOS 37
Hypodontia BOS 50
Impacted canines BOS 53
Interproximal reduction BOS 53
How to keep your teeth and gums healthy BOS 54
Orthognathic surgery BOS 48
Orthodontic treatment BOS 47
Protraction headgear BOS 40
Removable appliances BOS 37
Retainers BOS 53
Orthodontic treatment—what are the risks? BOS 48
Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) BOS 47
Tooth transplants BOS 50
Orthodontic mini-screws BOS 39
The right time for orthodontic check up AAO 39
What is an orthodontist AAO 37
Adult orthodontics AAO 36
Your child’s first orthodontic check up: no later than age 7 AAO 35
All about orthodontics AAO 34
Frenectomies, friberotomies and gingivoplasties AAO 44
Orthodontic headgear AAO 39
Keeping your smile beautiful AAO 46
Palatal expansion AAO 50
Show your smile AAO 37
Temporary anchorage devices (TAD) AAO 45
Keeping your teeth clean AAO 44
Prevent accidents AAO 47
Elastics AAO 36
Interproximal reduction AAO 45