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Table 5 Crown and root tipping in the distal position of the mini screw

From: Maxillary anterior en masse retraction using different antero-posterior position of mini screw: a 3D finite element study

Movement Tooth Axis Height of anterior power arm
0 mm 3 mm 6 mm 9 mm
Crown Central Z 9.89E−07 5.79E−07 3.57E−08 −2.05E−07
Lateral Z 1.06E−06 7.06E−07 6.19E−08 −2.32E−07
Canine Z 8.50E−07 5.05E−07 2.90E−08 −1.38E−07
Central Y 1.06E−06 7.37E−07 5.36E−07 2.28E−07
Lateral Y 1.27E−06 7.58E−07 5.72E−07 2.91E−07
Canine Y 9.31E−07 6.51E−07 4.46E−07 1.61E−07
Apical Central Y −7.45E−07 −5.43E−07 −2.51E−07 1.12E−07
Lateral Y −7.74E−07 −6.19E−07 −3.12E−07 1.40E−07
Canine Y −6.69E−07 −4.52E−07 −1.28E−07 8.39E−08