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Table 10 Stresses on teeth (laterals) in group I and group II consolidated and non-consolidated models

From: Evaluating the effects of consolidation on intrusion and retraction using temporary anchorage devices—a FEM study

   Max von Mises stress in consolidation Max von Mises stress in non-consolidation Max principal stress in consolidation Max principal stress in non-consolidation
Group I 7 mm 8.02 11.26 6.04 9.45
10 mm 8.4 12.4 6.4 10.5
13 mm 8.11 12.6 6.17 10.73
Group II 7 mm 3.24 4.92 2.92 3.98
10 mm 8 12.85 6.23 10.93
13 mm 8.15 13.1 5.9 11.15
  1. Inference: (laterals recorded the highest stresses in all models)
  2. Group I: In consolidation, 10-mm implant height and non-consolidation 13-mm implant height showed highest von Mises stresses. Principle tensile stresses are high in 10-mm consolidation implant model and 13-mm non consolidation implant model
  3. Group II: In consolidation and non-consolidation, von Mises stresses are high in 13-mm implant height, and principle stresses are more in 10-mm in consolidation and 13-mm in non-consolidation implant heights