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Table 3 Stepwise variable selection procedure

From: Prediction of Class II improvement after rapid maxillary expansion in early mixed dentition

Variables in model F-to-remove = 4 Variables not in model F-to-enter = 4
Co-Gn 13.797 N^Go^Me 0.446
Ar^Go^N 5.298 N^S^Ar 0.130
   S^Ar^Go 5.270
   S-Ar 8.278
   Ar-Go 8.970
   Go-Me 8.686
Wilks lambda = 0.567*
  1. Among the cephalometric variables, only Ar^Go^N, N^Go^Me, N^S^Ar, Co^Gn, S^Ar, Ar^Go, Go^Me, and S^Ar^Go were selected for discriminant analysis. The variables selected from the stepwise variable selection were the mandibular length (Co-Gn) and the superior gonial angle (Ar^Go^N). Significance of Wilks lambda was set at P < 0.05
  2. *P < 0.05