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Table 2 Medians of DIAGNOdent values of demineralization changes for different bleached and non-bleached subgroups

From: Decalcification prevention around orthodontic brackets bonded to bleached enamel using different topical agents

Subgroups Non-bleached group Bleached group
Changes Changes
Control 22.5 1.0 A
Profluorid varnish 0.00 A 1.0- B
Enamel Pro Varnish 0.00 AB 1.0 BCD-
Ortho-Choice Ortho-Coat 1.00- B 0.50- BCD
GC Tooth Mousse 4.50 C 1.0 A
GC MI Paste plus 2.50 C 1.0 A
  1. Medians changes with the same superscript letters in the same column are non-significant according to Mann-Whitney U test. ( Significant at P<0.05)