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Table 2 Final treatment plan in the non-surgical treatment group

From: Comparison of surgical and non-surgical orthodontic treatment approaches on occlusal and cephalometric outcomes in patients with Class II Division I malocclusions

Overall treatment type Number of patients
Headgear only 2
Headgear and elastic wear 14
Headgear and upper first bicuspid extractions 3
One upper biscupid only 1
Upper first bicuspid extractions only 3
Four bicuspid extractions only 1
Headgear in addition to upper premolar extractions and elastic wear 2
Headgear and forsus 3
Forsus correction only 1
Herbst and elastic wear 3
Herbst followed by headgear and elastic wear to hold correction 1
Headgear as anchorage in conjunction with two bicuspid extractions 1
Headgear as anchorage in conjunction with four bicuspid extractions 1
Extraction of upper first premolars with TADs 1
Started on HG and declines surgery 1
Deband once alignment was achieved 1
HG then elastics off TADs 1