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Table 1 Classification of the severity of caries progression used in the present study (modified from Mount and Hume [11])

From: Attitudes of orthodontists and laypersons towards tooth extractions and additional anchorage devices

Classification of dental caries Meaning
Size 0 Healthy tooth.
Size 1 Only demineralization but no cavitation. Remineralization treatment can stop the process of developing disease.
Size 2 Minimal involvement of dentine just beyond treatment by remineralization alone.
Size 3 Moderate involvement of dentine. The remaining tooth structure is sufficiently strong to support the restoration and not likely to fail under normal occlusal load.
Size 4 The cavity is enlarged beyond moderate. The remaining tooth structure is weakened to the extent that cusps or incisal edges are split or are likely to fail if left exposed to occlusal or incisal load.
Size 5 Extensive caries with bulk loss of tooth structure has already occurred.
Size 6 Exposed pulp caries with extensive loss of enamel and dentine. Root canal treatment followed by crown restoration is necessary in order to maintain the tooth.