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Table 2 Significant temporal differences as based on post hoc analysis of ANOVA results using Tukey’s Honest Significant Differences

From: A preliminary investigation of short-term cytokine  expression in gingival crevicular fluid secondary to high-level orthodontic forces and the associated root resorption: case series analytical study

Cytokine Time points Difference in means p value after adjustment for multiple comparisons
IL-7 28 days–3 h 1.56 0.02
TNF-α 28 days–0 h 1.05 0.04
TNF-α 28 days–3 h 1.23 0.01
TNF-α 28 days–1 day 1.13 0.02
Significant temporal differences for TS teeth only
TNF-α 28 days–3 h 1.53 0.01