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Table 2 Mean and standard deviation of distances (millimeter) between the mandibular landmarks and the coronal plane observed at the three time-point evaluations. Results for repeated measures ANOVA

From: Effects of surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion on mandibular position: a three-dimensional study

Mandibular landmarks Coronal plane T1 T2 T3 p
Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Ipsilateral condylion 15.93a 1.69 15.98a 1.70 15.76a 1.58 0.392
Contralateral condylion 15.91a 1.40 15.87a 1.44 15.83a 1.48 0.929
Ipsilateral gonion 26.09a 4.69 25.62a 5.18 26.22a 4.92 0.257
Contralateral gonion 25.75a 4.68 25.18a 5.70 25.92a 5.59 0.226
Menton 90.88a 8.77 89.35b 8.79 90.31a 9.13 <0.001
  1. Different superscript letters show statistically significant differences
  2. T1 preoperatively, T2 immediately after expansion, T3 6 months after expansion, SD standard deviation