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Table 4 Mean and standard deviation of mandibular angle observed at the three time-point evaluations. Results for repeated measures ANOVA

From: Effects of surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion on mandibular position: a three-dimensional study

Mandibular angle T1 T2 T3 p
Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Ipsilateral FMA 19.74a 4.73 20.95b 4.79 19.99a 4.60 <0.001
Contralateral FMA 19.57a 4.55 20.30b 4.76 19.67a 4.80 0.003
  1. Different superscript letters show statistically significant differences
  2. FMA mandibular plane angle, T1 preoperatively, T2 immediately after expansion, T3 6 months after expansion, SD standard deviation