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Table 3 Analysis of differences in suture opening between males and females

From: Changes in the midpalatal and pterygopalatine sutures induced by micro-implant-supported skeletal expander, analyzed with a novel 3D method based on CBCT imaging

  Males Females P value
Mean sd Mean sd
MSE activation 7.48 1.26 6.36 2.20 0.124
Lateral displacement of Rt ANS + Lt ANS 5.26 3.14 4.42 2.31 0.556
Lateral displacement of Rt PNS + Lt PNS 4.69 2.42 4.09 1.21 0.557
Frequency of split in pterygopalatine suture 7/12 (58.3%) 9/18 (50.0%) 0.722
  1. Rt ANS right half of anterior nasal spine, Lt ANS left half of anterior nasal spine, Rt PNS right half of posterior nasal spine, Lt PNS left half of posterior nasal spine