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Fig. 2

From: Vertical skeletal changes after extraction and non-extraction treatment in matched class I patients identified by a discriminant analysis: cephalometric appraisal and Procrustes superimposition

Fig. 2

Points, planes, and lines used in the cephalometric analysis. Points: sella (S), nasion (N), po (Porion), orbitale (O), articulare (Ar), anterior nasal spine (ANS), posterior nasal spine (PNS), gonion (Go), menton (Me), gnathion (Gn). Planes: sella-nasion (SN), Frankfurt horizontal (FH), palatal plane (PP), mandibular plane1 (Go-Gn), mandibular plane2 (Go-Me). Lines: sella to gnathion (S-Gn), dashed line perpendicular to FH

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