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Fig. 8

From: Mandibular molar uprighting using orthodontic miniscrew implants: a systematic review

Fig. 8

Uprighting of mesially inclined #37 with a modified Uprighter Jet. a Uprighter Screw consists of a molar band with a welded lingual button that allows crown rotation when a force is applied; a .036 in. tube positioned parallel to the occlusal plane; a wire with a bayonet bend on the mesial end, curving back distally from the tube, and a loop on the distal end that is screwed to the molar band; an adjustable screw clamp; and a 150-g nickel titanium open coil spring. b After 2 months of uprighting. c Radiographs with Uprighter Screw in place. a At the time of appliance insertion, showing 46.5° inclination of the second molarʼs long axis relative to miniscrew. b After 2 months of uprighting, showing 43.7° inclination. c After 5 months of uprighting, showing 16.2° inclination (from Gracco et al. [1], with kind permission of Journal of Clinical Orthodontics)

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