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Table 2 Comment classification

From: “My Invisalign experience”: content, metrics and comment sentiment analysis of the most popular patient testimonials on YouTube

Overall comment Focus of concern Invisalign’s disadvantages
Found video useful/informative Treatment cost Pain
Commented on vlogger’s reliability/sponsoring Complications (pain, lisp, etc.) Lisp
Positive comment on vlogger’s treatment outcome Treatment duration/wearing time Bad odor
Negative comment on vlogger’s treatment outcome Cleaning aligners/oral hygiene Wearing time/commitment
Confused Invisalign with retainers Retention/stability Dietary consequences
Asked for further information Efficiency Public embarrassment
Other Treatment procedures Treatment cost
Combination If Invisalign indicated for own malocclusion/asked for advice Oral symptoms
No comment Asked/shared information about own malocclusion/treatment/found similarities Not indicated for all cases
Reason for choosing Invisalign Other (e.g., enamel decalcification)
Other Combination
Combination No disadvantages mentioned
No information asked/shared