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Fig. 8

From: Effect of low level laser and low intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy on bone remodeling during orthodontic tooth movement in rats

Fig. 8

Light micrographs of rat’s maxilla portions with orthodontically induced tooth movement for 21 days. There was higher amount of interseptal bone between the roots of the teeth in the treatment groups in relation to the orthodontic control group which also showed wider periodontal ligaments. Between the treatment groups, the interseptal bone was highest in the combination group, followed by the LLLT group and then the LIPUS group, sections stained with alizarin red and Alcian Blue specialized staining. × 10. a Orthodontic control, b treated with 100 mW LLLT, c treated with LIPUS, and d treated with 100 mW LLLT + LIPUS. P: pulp, IB: interseptal bone, PDL: periodontal ligament, D: dentin

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