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Table 1 The primer sequences, melting temperature, their respective product size, and gene bank accession number

From: Effect of low level laser and low intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy on bone remodeling during orthodontic tooth movement in rats

Primers Melting Tm (°C) Product size Gene bank accession no.
RANKL Forward:5′-acgcagatttgcaggactcgac-3′ 59.5 493 bp AF019048
Reverse:5′-ttcgtgctccctcctttcatc-3′ 57.6   
RANK Forward:5′-ttaagccagtgcttcacggg-3′ 57.4 497 bp AF018253
Reverse:5′-acgtagaccacgatgatgtcgc-3′ 59.5   
OPG Forward:5′-tggcacacgagtgatgaatgcg-3′ 59.5 537 bp U94330
Reverse:5′-gctggaaagtttgctcttgcg-3′ 57.6   
RUNX2 Forward:5′-gaaccaagaaggcacagaca-3′ 55.4 452 bp NM053470.2
Reverse:5′-tccaccaccctgttgctgta-3′ 55.4   
GAPDH Forward:5′-accacagtccatgccatcac-3′ 57.4 452 bp NM017008
Reverse:5′-tccaccaccctgttgctgta-3′ 57.4