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Table 1 Single-nucleotide polymorphisms studied

From: Association between polymorphisms in genes encoding estrogen receptors (ESR1 and ESR2) and excreted bisphenol A levels after orthodontic bracket bonding: a preliminary study

Gene Locus Reference sequence Type of alteration Base change (context sequence) Global MAF
ESR1 6q25.1 rs2234693 Intron variant AGC[C/T]GTT 0.4463/2235
ESR2 14q23.2 rs4986938 Intron variant, non-coding transcript variant, UTR variant 3 prime AGC[C/T]TGT 0.2598/1301
ESR2 14q23.2 rs1256049 Intron variant, non-coding transcript variant, synonymous codon CCG[C/T]ACT 0.1296/649
  1. Source of information: dbSNP from:;; and,
  2. Bold indicates lower frequency allele