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Table 3 Distribution of missing teeth and statistical association with displacement of maxillary canine

From: Associations between tooth agenesis and displaced maxillary canines: a cross-sectional radiographic study

  P (%) β SE W DF S OR CI 95%
Variable in the final model
 Mx.I2 agenesis 41.2 2.174 0.307 28.899 1 0.000a 9.243 4.070–20.301
Variables removed during backward stepwise deletion
 Mx.P1 agenesis 13.8        
 Mx.P2 agenesis 18.4
 Mx.M2 agenesis 2.4
 Mn.I1 agenesis 1.5
 Mn.I2 agenesis 2.4
 Mn.P1 agenesis 2.4
 Mn.P2 agenesis 45.5
 Mn.M2 agenesis 5.2
  1. P prevalence, β regression coefficients, SE standard error, W Wald index, DF degree of freedom, S statistical significance, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, Mx.I2 maxillary second incisors, Mx.P1 maxillary first premolars, Mx.P2 maxillary second premolars, Mx.M2 maxillary second molars, Mn.I1 mandibular first incisors, Mn.I2 mandibular second incisors, Mn.P1 mandibular first premolars, Mn.P2 mandibular second premolars, Mn.M2 mandibular second molars
  2. aSig < 0.05, stepwise multivariate logistic regression