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Fig. 9

From: Evaluating the treatment effectiveness and efficiency of Carriere Distalizer: a cephalometric and study model comparison of Class II appliances

Fig. 9

Relapse of derotated molar with Carriere Distalizer. A1 and B1 pre-treatment intraoral photos. A2 and B2 progress photos after 3 months of treatment with Carriere Distalizer. A3 and B3 progress photos 1 month after removal of Carriere Distalizer. The right molar relationship was corrected to Class I with Carriere Distalizer (B2) and part of the correction was achieved by derotating the upper right first molar (A2). However, there was a relapse of derotated upper right first molar after Carriere Distalizer was removed (B3)

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