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Table 2 The horizontal and vertical linear measurements

From: Usage and comparison of artificial intelligence algorithms for determination of growth and development by cervical vertebrae stages in orthodontics

The horizontal linear measurementsThe vertical linear measurements
aSVp-SVaPoint 1 to point 3ATVup-TvlpPoint 4 to point 9
bTVup-TVuaPoint 4 to point 6BTVum-TvdPoint 5 to point 10
cTVpm-TvamPoint 7 to point 8CTVua-TVlaPoint 6 to point 11
dTVlp-TVlaPoint 9 to point 11DFVup-FvlpPoint 12 to point 17
eFVup-FVuaPoint 12 to point 14EFVum-FVdPoint 13 to point 18
fFVpm-FvamPoint 15 to point 16FFVua-FVlaPoint 14 to point 19
gFVlp-FvlaPoint 17 to point 19