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Table 1 Skeletal, alveolar bone, and dental linear measurements

From: Differential assessment of skeletal, alveolar, and dental components induced by microimplant-supported midfacial skeletal expander (MSE), utilizing novel angular measurements from the fulcrum

Linear measurements Before expansionAfter expansionTreatment change 
UnitMeanSDMeanSDMeanSDP value
Skeletal linear measurements
 Right zygomaticomaxillary linemm44.462.5446.772.652.311.02< 0.0001*
 Left zygomaticomaxillary linemm44.302.4946.672.622.371.18< 0.0001*
Alveolar bone linear measurements
 Right alveolar bone linemm29.072.3232.012.532.931.16< 0.0001*
 Left alveolar bone linemm29.382.2332.452.333.061.47< 0.0001*
Dental linear measurements
Right dental linemm22.442.6926.282.663.841.65< 0.0001*
Left dental linemm23.122.4227.302.324.171.86< 0.0001*
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. *P < 0.01