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Table 2 Skeletal, alveolar bone, and dental angular measurements

From: Differential assessment of skeletal, alveolar, and dental components induced by microimplant-supported midfacial skeletal expander (MSE), utilizing novel angular measurements from the fulcrum

Angular measurements Before expansionAfter expansionTreatment change 
UnitMeanSDMeanSDMeanSDP value
Skeletal angular measurements
 Right frontozygomatic angle°83.473.6086.293.472.821.26< 0.0001*
 Left frontozygomatic angle°83.253.4986.193.882.931.49< 0.0001*
Alveolar bone angular measurements
 Right frontoalveolar angle°70.202.5173.032.382.831.27< 0.0001*
 Left frontoalveolar angle°70.442.8573.393.272.941.48< 0.0001*
Dental angular measurements
 Right frontodental angle°69.372.3272.292.092.921.29< 0.0001*
 Left frontodental angle°69.922.1972.992.543.071.48< 0.0001*
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. *P < 0.01