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Table 2 Excluded articles according to the eligibility criteria

From: Stability of anterior open bite treatment with molar intrusion using skeletal anchorage: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Article’s name Reason of exclusion
1- Skeletal anchorage system for open-bite correction. Umemori, M. Sugawara, J. Mitani, H. Nagasaka, H. Kawamura, H. (1999) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
2- Nonextraction treatment of an open bite with microscrew implant anchorage. Park, Hyo-Sang Kwon, Oh-Won Sung, Jae-Hyun. (2006) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
3- Open bite correction by intrusion of posterior teeth with miniscrews Park, Young-Chel Lee, Han-Ah Choi, Nak-Chun Kim, Doo-Hyung. (2008) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
4- Skeletal Class lll severe openbite treatment using implant Anchorage. Sakai, Yuichi Kuroda, Shingo Murshid, Sakhr A. Takano-Yamamoto, Teruko (2008) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
5- Correction of skeletal open bite with implant anchored molar/bicuspid intrusion. Sherwood, Keith. (2007) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
6- Closing anterior open bites by intruding molars with titanium miniplate Anchorage Sherwood, Keith H. Burch, James G. Thompson, William J. (2002) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
7- Differential molar intrusion with skeletal anchorage in open-bite treatment Paik, Cheol-Ho McComb, Ryan Hong, Christine Hong (2016) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
8- Maxillary molar intrusion with zygomatic anchorage in open bite treatment: lateral and oblique cephalometric evaluation. de Oliveira, T. F. M., Nakao, C. Y., Gonçalves, J. R., & Santos-Pinto, A. (2015) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
9- Retratamento de mordida aberta esquelética com intrusão dos molares superiores com mini-implantes Farret, Marcel Marchiori Farret, Milton Meri Benitez. (2013) Study excluded for not present the initial cephalometric values.
10- Posterior impaction with orthodontic miniscrews for openbite closure and improvement of facial profile Kravitz, N. D. Kusnoto, B. (2007) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
11- Molar intrusion in the management of anterior openbite and ‘high angle’ class II malocclusions. Cousley, R. R. (2014) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
12- Microscrew anchorage in skeletal anterior open-bite treatment. Xun, C. L., X Zeng, X Wang. (2007) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
13- Open-bite closure by intruding maxillary molars with skeletal anchorage. Seres, L. and A. Kocsis. (2008) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
14- A estabilidade do tratamento compensatório da mordida aberta anterior no paciente adulto. Valarelli, F. P., Lemos, A. R. B., Silva, C. C. D., Paccini, J. V. C., & Valarelli, D. P. (2013) Study excluded for not evaluating skeletal anchorage
15- A 10-year follow-up case-report following surgical-correction of anterior open bite. Lew, K. K. K. and H. S. Loh. (1991) Study excluded for be a case-report
16-Effectiveness and stability of anterior open bite correction using temporary skeletal anchorage: comparison to surgical outcomes. Thesis of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Hull, J. T. (2009) Study excluded for evaluating a mean of 6 months of stability
17- Dentoskeletal changes following mini-implant molar intrusion in anterior open bite patients. Hart, T. R., Cousley, R. R., Fishman, L. S., & Tallents, R. H. (2015) Study excluded for not evaluating stability.
18- Treatment of severe anterior open bite with skeletal anchorage in adults: comparison with orthognathic surgery outcomes. Shingo Kuroda, Yuichi Sakai, Nagato Tamamura, Toru Deguchi, Teruko Takano-Yamamoto. (2007) Study excluded for evaluating only 6 months of stability
19- Lateral open bite: treatment and stability Marise de Castro Cabrera, Carlos Alberto Gregório Cabrera, Karina Maria Salvatore de Freitas, Guilherme Janson, Marcos Roberto de Freitas.(2010) Study excluded for not evaluating anterior open bite
20- Long-term stability of soft tissue changes in anterior open bite adults treated with zygomatic miniplate-anchored maxillary posterior intrusion. Marzouk ES, Kassem HE. (2018) Study excluded for using the same sample from evaluation of long-term stability of skeletal anterior open bite correction in adults treated with maxillary posterior segment intrusion using zygomatic miniplates. Marzouk ES, Kassem HE (2016)