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Table 4 Estimates of heritability (h2) and cultural inheritance (C2) between MZ and DZ twins

From: Twin study—genetic comparison of matrix versus intramatrix rotation in the mandible and three different occlusal planes

Variables MZ and DZ twinsa
h2 C2
Bisected OP (to SN) 0.38 0.45
Bisected OP (to FH) 1.00 − 0.15
Functional OP (to SN) 0.52 0.23
Functional OP (to FH) 0.76 0.03
MM bisector OP (to SN) 0.42 0.45
MM bisector OP (to FH) 0.54 0.32
Mn. plane angle (to SN): MR 0.5 0.37
Mn. plane angle (to FH) 0.74 0.12
Palatal plane angle (to SN) 0.68 0.14
Palatal plane angle (to FH) 0.58 0.24
Corpus axis (to SN): TR 0.48 0.37
Corpus axis (to FH) 0.60 0.21
Corpus axis (to MP): IR 0.14 0.60
  1. MZ Monozygotic twin, DZ Dizygotic twin, Sib Sibling, OP Occlusal plane, SN SN plane, FH FH plane, MP Mandibular plane, MR Matrix rotation, TR Total rotation, IR Intramatrix rotation
  2. ah2 = 2(ICCMZ − ICCDZ), C2 = ICCMZh2