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Table 1 Composition of the products according to the manufacturers’ information

From: Comparative evaluation of fluoride varnishes, self-assembling peptide-based remineralization agent, and enamel matrix protein derivative on artificial enamel remineralization in vitro

Product Manufacturer Chemical composition
Emdogain Straumann, Basel, Switzerland Composed of a mixture of hydrophobic enamel matrix proteins derived from 6-month-old porcine tooth buds containing amelogenin, enamelin, tuftelin, amelin, and ameloblastin, in a propylene glycol alginate (PGA).
Curodont Curodont Repair, Credentis AG, Switzerland P11-4 peptide
Duraphat Colgate-Palmolive, New York, NY 5% sodium fluoride varnish (22,600 ppm fluoride)
Clinpro 3 M ESPE, Pymble, New South Wales, Australia 5% sodium fluoride white varnish, tri-calcium phosphate
Enamel Pro Premier Dental Products, PA, USA 5% sodium fluoride varnish, ACP formula