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Table 1 Exams and corresponding variables

From: Mini-implant assisted rapid palatal expansion (MARPE) effects on adult obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and quality of life: a multi-center prospective controlled trial

Exams Variables Acronyms Brief description
Physical evaluation Body Mass Index BMI Weight/height2
  Neck circumference NC Largest diameter of the neck (mm)
  Mallampati classification Mallampati Classification of oropharynx soft tissue hypertrophy
  Mandibular Sagittal Position MSP Distance from Gnation to Nasion, 3 categories (retrusive, normotrusive, protrusive)
  Overjet Overjet Sagittal distance from the upper and lower incisors’ incisal borders (mm)
Questionnaires Epworth Sleepiness Scale ESS Tool to assess daytime somnolence
  Quebec Sleep Questionnaire QSQ Tool to assess OSA-related quality of life (average of all domains)
   QSQ I “Sleepiness” domain
   QSQ II “Diurnal symptons” domain
   QSQ III “Nocturnal symptons” domain
   QSQ IV “Emotions” domain
   QSQ V “Social interactions” domain
Home sleep test Total sleep time TST Estimated total time of sleep
  Apnea/hypopnea index AHI Count of respiratory events per hour of sleep
  Improvement index AHI < 50% Number of participants with an AHI 50% reduction after the intervention
  Improvement index II AHI < 5 Number of participants with a post-intervention AHI of 5 or less
  Flow limitation index FLOW Percentage of sleep time with an important flattening of the breathing waves
  Blood O2 saturation index SpO2 Mean fraction of saturated hemoglobin and total hemoglobin (%)
   SpO2min Minimal fraction of saturated hemoglobin and total hemoglobin (%)
  Snoring SNRdb Intensity of oropharyngeal reverberation (db)
   SNR% Time spent snoring versus total sleep time (min)
  Body Position BPsup Time spent on supine position versus total sleep time (min)
  Bruxism index BRUX Bruxism episodes per hour of sleep (#/h)
   BRUXap Bruxism episodes related to apneic events per hour of sleep (#/h)
Cone-beam tomography Intersutural gap IG Average of 3 measurements along the palate on an axial slice