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Table 2 Cross-tabulation and Pearson’s chi-square value

From: The influence of malocclusion on social aspects in adults: study via eye tracking technology and questionnaire

  IOTN 1 male IOTN 5 male IOTN 8 male IOTN 1 female IOTN 5 female IOTN 8 female p value
Would you consider hiring this person?        
Yes 86a 56b 43b 81a 40b 39b 0.000
No 4a 34b 47b 9a 50b 51b  
Would you judge this person inteligent?        
Yes 33a 17a,b 13b 62c 13b 15b 0.000
No 57a 73a,b 77b 28c 77b 75b  
Would you judge this person honest?        
Yes 67a 31b,c,d 28d 48c 28b,d 25b,d 0.000
No 23a 59b,c,d 62d 42c 62b,d 65b,d  
Does this person appear to meet its obligations in time?        
Yes 42a,b 30a,b 28a,b 47b 40a,b 25a 0.003
No 48a,b 60a,b 62a,b 43b 50a,b 65a  
  1. Statistical difference p < 0.05
  2. Participants 90