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Table 3 Angular measurements and the measurement ratios of subject Miss TF

From: Three-dimensional methodology for photogrammetric acquisition of the soft tissues of the face: a new clinical-instrumental protocol

Landmarks involved Name Type and units Value
N-Sn-Pg Facial convexity excluding the nose Angle (deg) 163.5
Sl-N-Sn Maxillary prominence Angle (deg) 10.0
Prn-Sn-Ls Naso-labial Angle (deg) 128.4
(Sn-Ls)^(Sl-Pg) Interlabial Angle (deg) 167.1
N-Prn-Pg Nasion-pronasal-pogonion Angle (deg) 133.3
T_l-Prn-T_r Tragion l-pronasal-tragion r Angle (deg) 64.6
T_l-Pg-T_r Tragion l-pogonion-tragion r Angle (deg) 62.9
T_l-N-T_r Tragion l-nasion-tragion r Angle (deg) 73.1
Sn-N-Prn Subnasale-nasion-pronasal Angle (deg) 19.6
T_l-Go_l-Pg Tragion l-gonion l-pogonion Angle (deg) 133.1
T_r-Go_r-Pg Tragion r-gonion r-pogonion Angle (deg) 126.8
Go_l-Pg-Go_r Lower face convexity Angle (deg) 91.9
T_l-Sn-T_r Middle face convexity Angle (deg) 73.4
Ex_r-N-Ex_l Upper facial convexity Angle (deg) 56.2
F (Pg-P-M(T_r-T_l)) Facial angle Angle (deg) 102.6
Mf (Pg-N-Ls) Maxillo-facial angle Angle (deg) 6.6
Nm (Ls_P-P_M(T_r-T_l)) Naso-maxillary angle Angle (deg) 110.5
Na (N-M(T_r-T_l)-Prn) Nasal angle Angle (deg) 25.3
Mx (Prn-M(T_r-T_l)-Ls) Maxillary angle Angle (deg) 13.5
Mn (Pg-M(T_r-T_l)-Ls) Mandibular angle Angle (deg) 21.5
Tv (N-M(T_r-T_l)-Pg) Total vertical angle Angle (deg) 60.3
(T_r-T_l)/(N-Pg) Middle facial width to facial height Ratio 1.32
(N-Sn)/(N-Pg) Nasion-subnasal/nasion-pogonion Ratio 0.51
(Sn-Pg)/(N-Pg) Subnasale-pogonion/nasion-Pogonion Ratio 0.50
(Tr-N)/(Tr-Sn) Trichion-nasion/trichion-subnasal Ratio 0.53
(Sn-Pg/N-Sn)x100 Lower to upper facial height Percentage 98.0%