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Featured review: Mandibular molar uprighting using orthodontic miniscrew implants: a systematic review

© Magkavali-Trikka et al, 2018A tipped mandibular molar usually occurs after premature loss of adjacent teeth, leading to the inclination of the molars. Tilted molars can cause numerous problems in a patient’s mouth, especially if a prosthetic rehabilitation is planned. Periodontal status can be aggravated, with signs of inflammation, angular bone loss and an apparent pocket at the mesial surface of a tipped mandibular molar. However, molar uprighting into its correct position leads to the normalization of the functional and periodontal condition.

Magkavali-Trikka et al conducted a systematic review to identify studies and present the use of miniscrew implants (MIs) as an alternative treatment to mandibular molar uprighting


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