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Figure 5

From: Skeletal versus conventional intraoral anchorage for the treatment of class II malocclusion: dentoalveolar and skeletal effects

Figure 5

Cephalometric landmarks. Co = condilion, Po = porion, S = sella; Ba = basion, Pt = pterygoid point, Or = orbital, N = nasion, En = tip of nose, UL = superior labial point, LL = inferior labial point, Xi = mandibular centroid, ANS = anterior nasal spine, PNS = posterior nasal spine, A = subnasal point, B = sovramental point, Pm = paramedian point, Pg = pogonion, Pgc = soft pogonion, Gn = gnathion, Me = menton, Go = gonion, ii = lower incisor point, is = superior incisor point, iia = apical point of lower incisor, isa = apical point of superior incisors; ms = mesial point of upper first molar, mi = mesial point of lower first molar.

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