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Table 4 MRI evaluation: sagittal disk position - comparison of mean values (degree) between the groups

From: Comparison of temporomandibular joint changes in Twin Block and Bionator appliance therapy: a magnetic resonance imaging study

Sagittal disk position Control group (C)n?=?10 Twin Block (T)n?=?10 Bionator (B)n?=?10 Comparison
X? ?SD (deg) X? ?SD (deg) X? ?SD (deg) C and T C and B T and B
Pretreatment 11.2? ?9.9 21.2? ?9.3 15.5? ?11.6 NS NS NS
After 6 months 8.6? ?10.9 1.8? ?0.2 ?0.9? ?0.5 NS NS NS
Difference ?2.6? ?0.9 ?19.4? ?9.1 ?16.4? ?11 HS HS NS