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Table 2 Comparison between groups A and B of detachment number in the upper arch

From: A 15-month evaluation of bond failures of orthodontic brackets bonded with direct versus indirect bonding technique: a clinical trial

Total upper arch Upper anterior section Upper posterior section
 A 396-11 198-2 198-9
2.77% 1.01% 4.54%
 B 228-4 114-1 114-3
1.75% 0.88% 2.63%
Total 624-15 312-3 312-12
2.40% 0.96% 3.85%
Chi-squared test ns ns ns
  1. Group A: bonded with the direct technique; group B: bonded with the indirect technique. Detachment number is considered in total and in sections. The number of bonded brackets and bond failure are reported and below the detachment percentage. ns, not significant.